Here we go…

I don’t like doing blog round-ups as a substitute for content (okay I secretly do but let’s pretend I’m above that), but here’s some interesting stuff I’ve been reading lately…

It’s OK patriarchy, I understand Adam Lambert made you feel funny.

Little Bird has some excellent advice on getting a tattoo, from start to finish (I’m considering one or two)…

Kate Townshend writes about gender in the playground.

Jon at Stuff Christians Like has written a handy guide to understanding how metrosexual your worship leader is. An oldie but a goodie.

This is a lovely post from Hacking Christianity about how grace is present even in Genesis 3.

This, this and this arrived from Amazon today, and next on my list is this.

By the way, 24-1 went spiffingly. Am currently writing a report for the 24-7 prayer website.

UPDATE: Two wonderful posts I happened upon yesterday –

Firstly, Jeremy Camp posts an excerpt from Frank Viola’s From Eternity to Here. Viola is an author I can’t recommend highly enough.

Secondly, Jason Coker posts about, well, a lot of things. The post’s title doesn’t do it justice.