Quote time!

From John Crowder, who is fairly interesting (despite my nagging suspicion he subscribes to Young Earth Creationism):

For too long, the Protestant church has felt license to defame the Body and Bride of Christ by calling her Catholic brothers and sisters the “whore” church of Revelation. Every time we say such a thing, we are pounding another nail into Jesus’ hands. He died for Catholics and Protestants both. And Catholics can no longer afford to categorize Protestants as schismatics, heretics or lesser Christians…

The reason nearly every move of God tends to stagnate is because it judges the last move of God. We become what we judge. If we judge religious people and hypocrites, we eventually become religious hypocrites. Never criticize the old wineskin, just let it be. The wine itself will burst the old jug. And it will eventually burst yours. There is no quicker way into bondage than falling into spiritual pride and thinking we are the cutting edge of what God is doing. That we have somehow ascended beyond where the old order got stuck. First of all, we don’t know all that the old order had to put up with and what spiritual ground they broke on our behalf.

It is important not to adopt a rebellious spirit, and to remember that our battle is not against flesh and blood. Yes, religion is a fould thing. But religious people are often just wounded Christians seeking identity and comfort in the wrong places. To criticize the old guard is often a sign that we are still operating out of rejection, and somehow needing their affirmation rather than the Lord’s. Truly mature Christians, who have overcome insecurity, will see people beyond the veil of their religious bondage and empathize with the hurts that landed them there.