Hello again

I’ve been feeling the urge to resurrect this blog, although time will tell whether or not I keep up with it. It’s quite difficult when you live with friends! Anyway, quick catch-up. I have two new jobs, plus a mortgage! Number one is, I no longer work at the haberdashery-of-stress-and-inflexibility and now work at the fabric-shop-of-glory that is The Sewing Shop. It’s flexible, I can wear my own clothes, drink coffee, listen to Kylie Minogue AND make cushions and stuff at work. It’s lovely. Second new job is…I’m a freaking lecturer now. As in, running my own module and supervising dissertations. It’s really fun in one aspect, although I really do feel like I’ve been thrown in the deep end and am struggling to get to grips with the core material of the module I’m meant to be heading up. It’s all old-school television stuff, which is interesting for a bit but not something I feel I can really get my teeth into – not to mention no-one’s really shown me how to plan a lecture. No matter – the first- and second-year stuff is really fun (can’t go wrong with auteur theory and spectatorship) and I’m enjoying the practicalities of helping people with their essays/dissertations. Time will tell whether or not it leads anywhere. I could definitely see myself being up for doing this longterm if that proves to be a possibility, provided I get to actually teach things I’m passionate about.

Having a house of my own is also fun; freedom is so valuable to me, so things like painting a feature wall if I fancy it or simply knowing I’m not going to have to up sticks in another 12 months = happy Aideen. We’re also planning (me and my flatmates, that is) on putting a long-time plan of ours into action by putting up a local woman who is homeless. More on that later, perhaps. On top of that, we’re finally getting to host our own cell group, which is a dream come true (although very gestational at present).

Anyway, this is all just to give a decent impression of where I’m at at present and what major-life-events have taken place in the past few months. Hopefully actual content won’t be far behind!


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