Monday round-up of awesome

First and foremost, click here for a gorgeous timelapse of a Sigur Ros show! Via Pete Greig.

By Katie Thompson, via Fuckyeah Quilting. I bet I could make that (I say things like that all the time, then eat my words when I actually try).

Check out these beautiful photos by Ditte Isager:

Also, make sure you get yr filthy paws on Definatalie’s last ever calendar desktops!

I’m gonna post a link to this freaking amazing photo, but it’s a photo of underwear therefore not safe for work or for those who struggle with lust 😉

Finally, as a freebie, a random ten from my iTunes:

Paramore – All We Know

Hole- Dying

Portishead- Cowboys

M.I.A. – Dash the Curry

The Knife – You Make Me Like Charity

Sonic Youth – Dirty Boots

Biffy Clyro – Bubbles

Blue Foundation – As I Moved On (Trentemoller remix)

Placebo – Happy You’re Gone

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Honeybear


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