Process and breakthrough

So, as quick a catch-up as is humanly possible: over the summer I finished my MA (I got a distinction, by the way!), moved into a beautiful new house with two awesome girls, acquired a whole bunch of new jobs (currently at four) and had the prospect of doing a fully-funded PhD waved tantalisingly before me. So, I’m at a rather interesting stage in my life at the moment. And by interesting, I mean actually rather tough. I thought finishing my masters would equal lots of free time – definitely not. I have to work every hour God sends to keep my head above water financially, having racked up five years’ worth of student overdraft and debt, one of my jobs in particular is stress-a-licious, then when I get home from work I feel like all I do is clean or sort more stuff out. I have a whole list of people I need to catch up with, and no time to get around to actually doing so.  Yet, I have a funny feeling God is doing something very significant with me – something to do with refining, strengthening and character-building. For a start, I’m doing some repentance for the way I treated my parents’ house like a hotel – I feel like I suddenly understand mum and dad when they say it feels like all they ever do is housework, and on the odd occasion when I have to pick up after one of my housemates I am reminded of how my parents had to pick up after me constantly throughout the day, every day I lived in their house!

Anyway I had to share this video from Kris Vallotton as it pretty much sums up what God’s doing with me at the moment. I’m chipping away at my workplace – kingdom-wise – and chipping away at lots of other things God’s having me pray into, and I’m in limbo at the moment waiting for breakthrough. Meanwhile I’m learning a lot and getting stronger every day. I feel like a completely different person than I was a mere few months ago, and I’m going deeper with God…watch this space…


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