Monday round-up of awesome

I’ve made some flippin schweet discoveries this week. Top of my list…Mariah McManus:

I had been a fan of her dad, Erwin McManus (a visionary church planter and author), for over a year since I got given his book The Barbarian Way for my baptism in February 2009. He would always go off on little anecdotes about his kids, and Mariah in particular seemed pretty bad-ass. So imagine my joy to discover that now she’s all grown up and in a band! And a frickin awesome one at that. As well as some solo stuff, she’s got a band called Glare of Rockets, and a lovely voice that fluctuates between Hayley Williams and Joanna Newsom. I recommend the song ‘Kansas’ in particular.

Next up, in my never-ending quest for tattoo inspiration, I found one that kind of parallels an idea I’ve had for one on my right arm:


I also have an ongoing interest in blogs dedicated to ridiculously specific things. Like letterheaded paper:

Chez Letterheady.

There’s also the Musee virtuel de l’Absinthe:

And last but not least, the ultimate in ridiculous-specificity…Fuck Yeah blogs! There’s Fuck Yeah Mighty Boosh, Fuck Yeah Lady Gaga, Fuck Yeah Cupcakes, Fuck Yeah My Little Pony, Fuck Yeah Rainy Days, Fuck Yeah Sharks, and my personal favourite: Fuck Yeah Doilies:


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