Monday round-up of awesome: teenage nostalgia edition

Today, ladies and gentlemen, I am going to take you on a guided tour through some nostalgia from my teenage years, namely the grungey, Kinderwhore style as made popular by Courtney Love (cannot freakin WAIT for the new Hole album). Might I add, grungers and riot grrrls seem to be the only folk apart from Drew Barrymore who survived the nineties with their fashion-related dignity intact (other dignity-markers we can debate, particularly in CLove’s case).

Basically you need a babydoll dress, some Doc Martins, fishnet tights, a little bit of lace, cutesy hair accessories and a frackload of attitude:

And a guitar (that’s Kat Bjelland below, from Babes in Toyland, by the way):

Did you know? Courtney Love was kicked out of Babes in Toyland TWICE.

Now if only I had some fancy schmanzy album artwork to show you, but it all seems to have disappeared from internet-land…

Anyway, I dug this shit when I was 15, and still secretly do…


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