Five Faves

So there’s this Five Faves thing that’s been rolling round the blogosphere, starting here and reaching my radar at Definatalie, so I thought I’d do a bit of bandwagon jumping while I wait for my friend Leah to show up on Friday.

1. The following remix:

2. Friends who also blog. I highly recommend my friend Lindsey, who blogs on a regular schedule (which she might enlighten us to in the comments section?!); Sally has some nice thoughts on life and punk theology; Rachel blogs about art; Tom blogs so pathetically irregularly that I’m considering hooking him up with an Imodium prescription, but when he does blog it’s pretty good stuff. His post about how he became a Christian is particularly lovely.

3. Bangor’s new coffeehouse, Studio Cafe.

4. He hates being referred to as “pastor”…whatever, our “team leader”, Jim Denison, is hands-down one of the best preachers I have ever heard, as well as one of my favourite human beings.

It is a delight to get to listen to him ever week at Canterbury Vineyard, and an honour and a privilege to serve alongside him. It’s hard to pick a favourite sermon, but here are a few good’uns: worship, disillusionment, getting rid of legalism. Also, his laugh has its very own Facebook page.

5. I’ve just gotten into Battlestar Galactica, and might be ever-so-slightly obsessed with the character Kara Thrace, aka Starbuck.

What do I like about her? Her attitude, aptitude, complex characterisation, adorable smile, multifaceted personality and overall likeability. Plus, she looks like she gives awesome hugs.


One response

  1. My blog is at the intersection of culture, education, engineering and theology.

    Since you asked about my schedule….
    Monday’s post aims to be tagged “Cultural Insanity”
    Tuesday’s post aims to be something related to my scholarship.
    Wednesday’s post is a favorite from the rich treasury of Orthodox prayers.
    Thursday’s post aims to be at the intersection of culture and theology.
    Friday’s post is the “Friday forum” where any question is fair game.
    Saturday’s post explores an idea from Scripture. Currently “Putting on Christ”
    Sunday’s post is a reflection on the Gospel reading of the day.

    I keep ideas running in the background on my site and schedule all of my posts to appear at midnight my time. It allows me to get ahead because I know what sorts of things I want to address. I deliberately picked an array of things so I had space to blog as I liked. I started blogging again to help me get to a goal of writing something every day.

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