Introducing…the Monday Round-Up of Awesome

One of my favourite bloggers, just for sheer pretty-factor, is Definatalie, and I’ve been inspired by her Fanciful Fridays series to post a weekly round-up of visual scruptiousness.

Let’s start it off with a bang. I was thrilled to see this advert on the London Underground a few weeks ago:

What could possibly be better? The fact that it turns out to be an advert for the humble Mooncup, which I heartily endorse.

Next up, here’s possibly my favourite photo of filmmaker/performance artist Miranda July of all time:


And a lovely wee picture from BibliOdyssey:

And the always wonderful Lady Gaga:

[EDIT] And a random ten from my iTunes:

– CocoRosie – South 2nd

– Mr. Oizo – Jo

– Lady Gaga – Disco Heaven

– Smalltown Heroes – Sad Songs

– Mumford & Sons – I Gave You All

– Busy P – Pedrophilia

– Paramore – The Only Exception

– Metric – The Gates

– Bjork – Big Time Sensuality

– Elliott Smith – In the Lost and Found


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