Short film geekitude part 13: two vids for the same song?

So, I was going to post about the following two artists separately, when I realised they have a common denominator – they’ve both released two videos for the same single. Strikes me as a little bemusing, but why not? However, in one case my reaction was “of course they had to do two videos!” whereas in the other I was like “what were they thinking?” Wanna have a guess which one’s which?

I’ll save you the trouble. The one for which I appreciate the fact that there’s two distinct videos is OK GO’s “This Too Shall Pass”, where both are absolute genius (although the Rub Goldberg machine takes the biscuit):

Version 1

Version 2 (I’d love to know who was the camera operator for this one)

Enjoy that? Of course you did. Now check out this video for “Dog Days” by Florence and the Machine:

It works, right? So why did they feel the need to make this one for the re-release? Those blue things look like something from The 5th Element:


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