Video Blog 1: Jonas Akerlund again…

Wherein I harp on about the theological importance of music videos.

Inspired by my friend Leah’s video blogs, I decided to try one of my own…


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  1. Okay, usually I don’t spend 11 minutes hanging out with your content, but I made an exception, partly because I found myself having a similar, yet of course different, experience after watching the video last night. It’s sort of a rare thing that I get affected in that way. What I really appreciated about the music video is that the characters developed in a way where the imago Dei appeared. I don’t know if it is the love, the tenderness, the compassion, or the companionship, but chances are excellent they all play a role. I thought about Christ’s willingness to identify with our situation, but with you, I have to wonder if I saw that in the film because I have already been there in my head for the past couple of months. I thought it was especially compelling to see the image against the backdrop of things clearly identifiable in Christian vernacular as sin. But then I have to wonder if it is because I have been reflecting on the Incarnation, the Image of God, and our tendencies to mistreat that image in a whole host of ways.

    In terms of a raw moment of “Wow God” and film, my film of choice has been Defiance. There’s a scene in there where the plot comes together in a way that the image captures, in my humble estimation, what it means to be the Church. Again, I had been asking the question, but it was the film that sort of both identified the question that had been lurking in the substrate of my brain while providing an answer.

    Interestingly for me, I have had more of these type experiences with film when I am not in a Christian fellowship environment that uses (commercial) movie clips as illustrations. Perhaps the experience comes because no one is telling me how I should be seeing a particular scene of the movie. Perhaps the experience comes because I generally try to create space for God to speak however He will to me. But perhaps that is what you mean when you say “emergent.”

    I also have to wonder if there is a genre effect, specifically as it relates to films trying to make the human drama visible. Perhaps as we enter into the reality of human drama, we create an opening to enter into the reality of the human-divine drama. Or maybe vice versa.

    Loads to think about for sure.

  2. That was really cool, especially coming from your perspective. Don’t know if you’ve come across Undrstanding Theology and Popular Culture by Gordon Lynch, (published by Blackwell, 2005) but you might find that useful. If you can’t get it out of uni library, cheap on Amazon or whatever let me know by messaging me your address on FB and I will mail you my copy.

    • Hey Sally, thanks for your comment! Yeah I totally have that Gordon Lynch book and am finding it very helpful. Also loving Robert K Johnston and Clive Marsh…

  3. Aideen i love this blog!!! and your really fascinate me with the whole concept of film & theology its liike i never think about all of these sides of chrsitianity or better said the other instruments that can be used to show God i.e Film as when i see some films or he some music i feel really spritiua;lly moved but i never think about how it was done to penetrate my emotions via script images or whatever im not sure and what i love about you is your efforts to analyse and search to create methods to provoke people spritually and at the same time remaining in a cool industry of film!!!! well done tell us more!! and p.s do you know of any other films that do this prescise thing i.e apparently there is a fil called 7 deadly sins have you seen it? i havent is it good? xxx

  4. So I have also been thinking about film as a driving agent. I keep coming back to the idea that film invites you into it. Or that it can. One of the interesting things about Orthodox iconography is that the focal point of the two dimensional image rests inside of the image, beckoning the viewer into the image. There’s something rather terrifically haunting as this happens… getting pulled into a window to heaven. So I wonder if there is a difference about film that invites a viewer into the experience rather than a sense of film providing a sense of entertainment with a detached viewer. …so Jonas Akerlund and you still have me thinking on this one :p

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