Best breakfast you’ve never heard of…

…and probably wouldn’t think of trying unless you had me next to you going “eat it, seriously!”

Consider this post as the cyber equivalent of my being there in person to coerce you.

It sounds kinda gross at first, until you try it. Then you’ll never look back:

– Fry an egg or two.

– Put on some wholemeal toast.

– Cut a few slices of medium cheddar

– Toast has popped up. Are you ready for the next bit? Spread some strawberry or blueberry jam on it (I’m dead serious). St Dalfour make the best ones, and they are entirely sugar-free.

– Put a slice or two of cheese on top of the jam

– Put your egg on top of the cheese, this should make it nice and melty

– If you fancy it (and you totally do), put some rosemary on top.

– Eat.

If you try it and don’t like it, I’d like to hear about it!


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