Undefined thought #1

I’m so effin religious. There’s still part of me that thinks that God isn’t interested in beautiful things and finds it hard to demolish the sacred/secular divide between getting in touch with God and enjoying things like clubbing, Radiohead and good films. I think part of me has internalised the ‘headmaster’ image of God, despite my best efforts.

What’s the difference between Godly beauty and worldly, I wonder…?


2 responses

  1. I find that my spirit recognises and responds to beauty when it finds it, whether that be in a nightclub or a church 🙂

    Just because you’ve been TOLD it’s heretical, it doesn’t mean it is! 😉

  2. It is most beautiful indeed to behold a human being living life. So many things are true about me simply because I am human. And enjoying a kickin’ drum kit seems to be one of those things that make me the unique human being that I am. But you of all people know just how wretchedly I struggle with the idea of God as headmaster.

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