Viva la Resolution

New Years never officially starts for me until I go back to Canterbury, as my productivity rate tends to decrease a lot when I go home for the holidays, so tomorrow (when I fly back) will see the implementation of my New Years’ Resolutions. In the interests of accountability and work-avoidance, I am going to post the rough draft of Aideen’s Resolutions 2010, which will surely be modified as the need arises…

– At least half an hour of prayer/worship per day

– Commit to six consecutive weeks of Pilates and running at least once per week

– At least one hour of study per day

– Learn Beyonce’s Single Ladies dance

– Read at least 5 books from the Old Testament (setting my sights low so I won’t be demoralised if I don’t succeed)

Things I am looking forward to this year:

– Making my first proper documentary

– Making my first music video (planned for May-time)

– Learning animation techniques and possibly implementing them in my film

– Getting involved in the creative life of Vineyard (more on that later…)


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