Charming things

Go rent Burn After Reading. Now. Brad Pitt’s best performance, ever. (Probably.) It’s been criticised a little for being overly pessimistic (the Coen brothers tend to get like that every so often; case in point – Barton Fink) and a disintegrating plot-line towards the end. Know what I think? Fuck the critics. As long as you know what you’re getting into (nihilism and an open ending), you’ll love it.

Another thing that’s been charming me a lot lately is this little video. It’s a crap song, the chorus needs to be taken out the back and shot in the head, and I should totally be ashamed of myself, except I’m not:

It’s a good example of a video making a so-so song into a listenable one – not so much the video in this case, but Katy Perry and the guys from 3OH!3 being absolutely delightful. The lads seem kinda bratty, but likeable, and Katy’s always a joy to watch. Alright, that’s enough guilty-pleasure admittance for one day…


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