More on New Moon…

This is the last time I post about Twilight. Honest. Til next year at least. I just wanted to share two Twilight-related things that made my jaw drop, but for different reasons.

Number one made my jaw drop in the best possible way. This song was used in a fight scene between Victoria the vampire and Jacob the werewolf, in a creepy forest. It was possibly the best fight scene I have seen since Kill Bill vol. 1, and mainly because of this frakkin’ epic track:

I can’t wait for someone to post the actual scene itself on YouTube…

Number two made my jaw drop in horror. They’re recasting the aforementioned Victoria for the next film. Wrongness squared. I hate when people recast roles in general, but Rachelle Lefevre had particularly perfect and instantly recognisable cherubic features. I’m tempted to boycott the movie in protest (except we all know that’s not going to happen)…

UPDATE: Okay make that three things. How could I NOT notice Dakota Fanning played Jane Volturi in New Moon? I had been trying to work out where I recognised her from…


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