This cracked me up…

Two of my friends had a hilarious status-comment thread thing going on Facebook that I just had to repost. The background info you should know is that last Friday we were all driving home from my pastors’ house and had a discussion slagging off clichéd Christian phrases such as ‘impact’, ‘strategic’, ‘unchurched’ etc.

Dave: pate on toast is the bomb.

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Kathryn: Isn’t it amazing!!? Humous on toast too, with tomatoes, mozzarella, oil and balsamic vinegar on the side…mmmmmmmm

Dave: Pants I couldn’t find any of that in my fridge! Was is this ‘generation’ coming too.

Kathryn: It would seem that this ‘generation’ needs to ‘impact’ Sainsburys. I have also often bumped into friends ‘in this place’, with whom I can have ‘fellowship’ with.

Dave: My ‘heart’ is not ‘strategically’ positioned in this ‘place’of shear ‘beauty’ however I will ‘seek’ ‘change’ in this ‘holy’ matter.

Kathryn: COWPATT!!!!!!


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