De-lurk, dammit!

Okay, so I just checked and apparently I have had 188 hits since I started this blog, oh, a month ago. Virtually no-one I know personally has the URL. Either a select group of friends are checking back again and again, or there are a helluva lot of you who have come here via elsewhere who I am unaware of. Reveal yourself!

Seriously, I’m curious. If I know you, if I don’t know you, whether or not you are a commenter or not, use this comment section to let me know just who the hell is reading my inane ramblings…

(Side note: I was wondering how to tag this, and was considering making a new tag called ‘curiosity killed the cat’, but my tag cloud is big enough already and I need to be more selective!)


5 responses

  1. And before you ask, no, the stat-o-meter does not change regardless of how many times I visit the blog myself to check up on posts…

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