I have so many meandering thoughts dashing through my brain that I can barely cohere them (a little like when I started to write that psychoanalytic film theory essay on Mulholland Drive, whatta mindf*ck), but I just wanted to share with you a delightful conversation I had yesterday evening when my delightful friend Grace came round for dinner. Background information you should know is that (1) Grace is ridiculously into worship, (2) you can tell she worships God a lot, she just glows, and (3) this has inspired me to try and devote more time to praising God in my prayer life, rather than just ask for stuff. Also, this is paraphrased.

Me: I need to start worshipping God more. All my prayer life is is just treating God like my sugar daddy, asking for stuff all the time. And, I mean, I’m asking for stuff that he’d like me to ask for, like ‘God will you protect so-and-so’ or ‘God would you send workers into the harvest’, it’s not like I’m asking him like ‘God, would you build me a fairy castle’ –

Grace (interrupting): But Aideen, he would build you a fairy castle, because he loves you so much!

It’s a pity I can’t convey Grace’s joyful exuberance, her smile or her tone of voice on the internet, but that outburst was one of a woman who had genuinely encountered the love of God. I hope one day to experience the same thing.


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